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Data Recovery Tools: Detailed Benefits and Features


Let’s admit the fact that with the onset of the age of the computer, information gathering has become smooth and sophisticated in an organized way. People can now use their personal computer to save digital information in its internal and external storage devices. Though these storage media such as HDD, SSD, or Hybrid are quite advanced. Besides the physical failure of storage devices, many other situations can also lead to External Hard Disk Recovery.

So, have you ever lost data under any circumstances and conditions—be it accidental deletion or data corruption? A lot of hard work, efforts, and time are needed when you gather or collect data. And all that hard work goes in vain once the data is lost. You are left with nothing but questions such as ‘what factors made the hard drive crash’ and ‘how to fix the situation’! In such situations, the primary reason is found to be accidental deletion.

Today, computers continue to become a standard way by which individuals and organizations are carrying out their day-to-day work. If we ask you to imagine a situation where all your necessary business information, crucial business documents, family pictures, and all types of valuable data disappear—tough, right?

But don’t worry! No matter what the situation is, data recovery software/tools can be of great help.

Mentioned below are some of their features and benefits.

 Benefits of Using Data Recovery Tools

1. Ease of Use

Data recovery tools/software can be of great use for personal and professional use. Largely, these tools are made for the home client’s personal use. This implies that these tools possess easy-to-use features. They come with a simple interface so that it can be used by the people who don’t have any technical knowledge or background. The purpose of such software/tools is to assist in recovering the lost data, information, and files without using much of your mental capabilities.

Also, if you didn’t know, the deleted/erased records are never permanently gone from your hard drive, it just compresses their form, making some room available for other data/information. Also, with these data recovery tools/software, you can save your money and retrieve it back safely and securely.

2. Spares Time and Cash

When you try to get back your lost documents without the recovery software, anticipate the amount of time and effort you are going to squander! Data recovery software, on the other hand, provides you with an alternative method of finding and retrieving the lost data. While these programs are efficient enough to extract each lost file, these tools give you satisfying results without having to involve any professional who may demand money. Well, this implies that you won’t have to pay any extra money or expenses whenever you want to get your data back.

3. Data Recovery Help and Support

You might not have considerable PC learning and knowledge, but good data recovery software offers proper guidance and support to help the customers whichever way it can. Before purchasing any recovery software, it would help if you made sure of one thing: that they should have decent help support that will guide you through the whole process.

4. Successful Data Recovery

As the data recovery tool can’t work in every situation and circumstances, you will not always be capable of getting back all the necessary data that was locked deep down in your hard drive. For the expansive issues where you think you can’t help yourself to recover the lost, you should try to contact an expert. However, in both cases—hiring the professionals or using any data recovery tool—the product should address the issues without fail.

5. Preferences

At any point, have you ever found yourself in a situation where your hard drive suddenly slammed, and you’ve lost important information files and folders? This is one of the most common incidents for the ones who access computer systems regularly; it can happen due to the overheating of the disc, bad framework closedown, erasure of the information manually, and other dreadful reasons.

But do you have any realization that despite the situation, you can retrieve all of the major parts of the lost data? Depending upon the effect of hard drive glitch, or information misfortune, information recuperation programming is brought back to balance the impact. Today, with innovative headways, a range of options exist for data recovery.

Recovery Backup Restoration Data Storage Security Concept

Focal Points of Data Recovery Tool

Free Initial Diagnostic Report 

Hard Drive failure and the consequent data loss can be a very shattering event that would demand the urgent attention of a professional expert. Some online portals offer you help paid and free. Choose one of those portals that will put your mind at ease. Most of them provide your first diagnostic service free of cost. You don’t need to fear, as your media will be under the custody of the highly reliable and trained engineers, and then you will be served with a free diagnostic report stating the current state of your media. Then, you will be obliged to pick the desired service from the list of reliable, affordable, and effective data recovery solutions.

. Risk-Free

Post receiving your first diagnostic report, you will be provided with the estimation of the total cost that would be required for the successful recovery of your data. The dedicated, knowledgeable staff are all aboard to provide you with the best customer service experience in the business. They are all committed to answering all your queries that you might have in your mind regarding the data, media, services, recovery process, and the respective cost. Next, if you agree to the estimate, only then the recovery process is carried out by the engineers by utilizing their state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated facilities.

Once the data recovery is complete, you will receive an FDV (File Directory Viewer) that will let you verify and confirm that all your data is intact. The FDV will reveal only the names and sizes of the files, not with the content (read-only content), that would be redeemed to you once the payment is received.

. Frequent Updates about Your Recovery Progress

Recovery experts realize the fact that your important professional and personal data holds a great significance to you. A reliable data recovery portal will proudly present you with the progress report of your data recovery process, and it will be submitted to you at each milestone in the process, from the very beginning to the end. With a regular call or email, data recovery experts keep you updated. And, if you find it confusing or have any doubts, then you may track the progress by yourself with some of their online tracking methods (if available).

. Available Support 24x7x365

The services provider is not reliable if not responsive 24x7x365. Depending upon your budget, and the type of recovery services that you select, the highly trained engineer is instantly made available on your recovery case. Regardless of the holidays or off-wok hours, the responsive service providers are all aboard to help you out.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss

 Even though data recovery services are always here to save the day for you, but as said – Prevention is better than cure:

  • Always protect your computer with a password and lock the screen when not in use. This step will ensure that there is no unauthorized person is tampering your data.
  • Make sure that you check the ‘Save Auto Recover Information’ checkbox for every Word/Excel document from File > Options > Save, and the spin box is set to 1 minute. This step is followed to ensure that your Word/Excel document is automatically saved in case of unexpected computer shutdown, thereby preventing any data loss.
  • Always avoid using the combination of Shift + Delete key combination to delete files or folders. In case you want to have them removed, then select the file/folder and drag it to the recycle bin or use Delete. If needed, the deleted items can be restored from the recycle bin of your PC.
  • Always use UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for desktop PC to avoid data loss during unexpected power cuts. On the other hand, in the case of laptops, try to ensure to plug in the charger whenever it falls below 20% to stop shutting down and thence the data.
  • Never download executable files or any software from an unknown/unauthorized website. These files are packed with viruses, ransomware, key loggers, and other malware that can corrupt, delete, steal, or encrypt your data loss.
  • Make sure to use the real-time protection for Windows Defender, in-built antivirus software on your PC or laptop (if you are using Windows 10). These are the features that are toggled on to procure the latest virus definition update. You can scan your computer regularly to remove malicious software. This, thus, avoids corruption/stealth/deletion or any kind of data loss issue.

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