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8 Reasons Why Users Prefer iPhone Over Android Phones


Are you thinking of buying a new phone? Well, buying a new phone is not an easy task. You have to take various things into account before investing a hefty amount on a smartphone. When the time comes to purchase a tech gadget, people start searching the tech magazines to decide on the products they will invest in. When we go for the purchase, the android VS iPhone debate is something you will knowingly or unknowingly get involved in it. Although Android phones always have some pretty insulting things to say about iPhone users, can you solely make a decision based on their judgments?

We all love Android Phones because of several reasons, like hardware and software customizations. But, when someone asks about which phone to buy, the iPhone always gets the upper hand in the smartphone battle. The popularity of Apple’s phone is not just because of the reliable platform it Trusted Data Recovery service to the users, but also because of the perfect blend of hardware and software, it offers to customers. iPhone works smoothly with other Apple products, be it the impressive MacBook or Apple Watch. So there is an ecosystem factor as well that plays a vital role in the popularity of the tech gadget.

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Why users prefer the iPhone over other Android phones?

Trust us; the confrontation between Android and iOS has already started. There is always a healthy competition between the two tech platforms. And, this competition is responsible for the recent innovation that has taken place in the tech industry. In the race to win the battle, the two tech platforms always bring in innovations to attract the audience. So, the result of the competition is the win-win situation for the customers. Although both the Android as well as iPhone has their advantages, there are specific psychological and technical reasons why people prefer the iPhone over other smartphones. So, before you start investing that whopping double-digit amount on a smartphone, look out for the benefits iPhone has to offer to customers.

iPhone is faster than other Android phones:

According to recent studies, when it comes to speed iPhone is much faster than the other Android phones. In the recent tests and comparisons of iPhone 7 plus and Galaxy S8, which is an Android phone, iPhone takes the lead in terms of speed. And when we talk about the latest versions of the iPhone like iPhone 11 and iPhone 10, they are even faster. The reason why Apple phone is leading the smartphone battle is because of the better integration of hardware and Restore iPhone Data they offer to customers. If you are thinking of hiring experts for Android app development for building an app for your business, think twice. The reason being, what is the point of investing your money when the app will lag in speed and performance in comparison to the iPhone App.

1. Better hardware and software integration:

If you look at history, there are plenty of examples that show why Apple products have an advantage over the other tech gadgets. The 3D touch display present in the latest apple phones is smart enough to sense the pressure and offers a quick action from the home screen when users press on the app icon. Also, you can open the email to read your messages by just tapping slightly in your inbox. Another advantage of the iPhone over Android phones is that users can control the sensitivity all by themselves. Hardware is the first place where you will see the difference between iPhone and Android phones. When it comes to high priced Android phones, users get good software and hardware compatibility. But, the real issue arises when you go for the low priced Android phones. Although iPhones, too, suffer from hardware issues, they are generally of high quality. With iPhone, you only have to pick a model, but with Android devices, you have to select a model as well as a brand, which can be confusing.

2. The highly reliable operating system: 

Do you want the latest and greatest version of the operating system for your smartphone? If so, you need an iPhone. The reason being Android makers are slow when it comes to updating their smartphones to the latest version of the operating system. And, there are even some Android makers that don’t update at all.  This support for the older device is the reason why 60 % of the users installed iOS 11 within six weeks of the release. On the other hand, Android 8 is running only on .2 % of the Android devices. And, Android 7 is running on just 18 % of the Android devices even after one year of its release. So, if you don’t want to compromise with the quality of the Operating system, get yourself an iPhone.

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3. App section vs. control is better in iPhone:

 Although the App Store offers fewer apps as compare to Google play, it’s not the only factor. Apple follows a strict policy about which apps will be present on its platform. It’s because of this tight control Apple can prevent any security threats like protecting the users from installing a fake version of WhatsApp. Also, developers find it difficult to develop apps for different Android platforms. Fragmentation makes development for Android devices expensive for the developers. But, with the iPhone, developers don’t have to face any such problem.

4. Easy to recognize:

Tech enthusiasts always talk about the most exciting phones present or coming in the market throughout the year. But, what about those who don’t follow the tech news religiously. For them, all smartphones look alike. As compared to the other smartphones, the iPhone is easy to recognize. So, one reason why people prefer the iPhone over other smartphones is that they are easy to recognize.

5. Freedom from bloatware added by the carrier:

Do you know with the Google platform, users have to deal with all kinds of apps and bloatware that the carrier ads to your phone. But, with the iPhone, you no longer have to face the problem. In iPhone, you can delete unwanted Apple apps after you set up the device. On the other hand, in Android phones, there are many inbuilt unwanted apps that you cannot delete. This problem doesn’t trouble users when the phone is new. But when your device gets old, you need more storage, and the only way to get it is to delete the unwanted apps. But, with the Android devices, you don’t get the freedom to delete the apps.

6. Easy resell option:

Do you easily get bored with smartphones? If so, the resale value of the phone will play a critical role in your purchase decision. When it comes to selling an iPhone, users don’t have to face the challenges, as in the case of Android phones. Also, if you are buying a phone to sell it off immediately, you can complete the task easily with the iPhone as compared to the Android phones.

7. A gaming powerhouse:

In the past, when we talked about mobile video gaming, the only name that would pop in the list was Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita. But, with iPhone now, everything is changed. Apple devices like the iPhone and iPod touch are the dominant players in the mobile device market. Apple has taken center stage as a gaming platform, which is the reason why many tech experts predict that Apple will eclipse Nintendo and Sony as the leading mobile gaming platform in the coming years. And, this popularity of Apple as the gaming platform is because of the powerful integration between hardware and software. The perfect blend of hardware and software allows users to run gaming apps faster on the smartphone. Because of the general expectation that Android apps should be free, game developers prefer Apple over Android Phones for the development work.

8. Unmatched Apple store:

One reason why users prefer the iPhone over Android phones is because of the customer-centric services Apple has to offer to users. Whether it’s an iPhone or any other smartphone, they can fail at any time. But, the question is how fast you get the recovery service. When it comes to customer service, there is no equivalent of the Apple store. When your device fails, you can take it to the app store and get the device back without compromising with the security.

So, have you decided to purchase a smart and reliable iPhone? If not, these reasons are enough to support your decision in favor of the smartphone.

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