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Laptop Data Recovery Singapore

Common Myths About Laptop Data Recovery Busted Now!


With the different digital media devices, it has become very easy to get access to most of the digital data and store it conveniently. Whether it is about saving your important work files or your photos and videos, keeping it in the laptop or hard disk is nowadays the most convenient option that people prefer. Instead of getting the handouts printed, it is quite effective to handle and share the files in their digital forms.

No wonder, keeping the data on the laptop is something that most people prefer to do, because of factors like data safety and portability. This is quite a safe means to keep the collective data. But being safe doesn’t mean that your device is completely secure from the incidents of data loss. Any bad day, and you might see your data gone missing from your laptop or have become inaccessible. There wouldn’t be any use of technological advancement if it simply ends up eating your data away.

Realizing the loss of data might end up making people irrational and desperate. The need for getting the data back is so strong that people simply end up inventing various strange and untrue theories related to laptop data recovery. While searching for ways to recover the data, people usually fall for certain data recovery myths. These frequently do no good, but only end up creating more troubles for the people.

How data loss occurs on laptops?

While you store your data in your laptops in blind faith, you never know someday you wake up to check some of the files on the laptop, and you end up getting shocked that the files aren’t there. Not just that file, but even many more such files and media are lost. It can even be possible that you might see those files but can’t access them. This is when you need to realize the hard truth that your sensitive files are gone due to data loss.

Talking about data loss, there can be many reasons that can cause data loss from the system. Following are some of the reasons that can cause data loss on your laptop:

  • Data loss can be due to mechanical failures. In some situations, you never know there’s some damage in the hardware of the laptop or even in its hard drive. This physical damage can end up causing the damage of the data due to which you might have to face the situation of data loss.
  • Sometimes, the laptops that don’t have an antivirus installed are vulnerable to a number of issues. Virus attacking the laptop can simply damage the data that is essential to you, leading to data loss.
  • Electrical spikes on the power source can be another reason that could damage the sensitive elements of the laptop and hard disks when connected with the charger, thus causing damage to the data stored in it.
  • Sometimes there are not any specific problems, but users can accidentally end up deleting the important files. This could mistakenly happen with anyone, but instead of regretting what you’ve done, it is better to reach out to the laptop hard disk data recovery services.

Data recovery myths you shouldn’t believe

Though it is always recommended to reach out to the laptop data recovery services in case of data loss, still there are people who always mess up the situation by following certain myths associated with data recovery. Here are the most common data recovery myths which are necessary to ignore if you don’t want to end up increasing your troubles with data loss:

  1. Data recovery software can help a lot: Realizing about data loss, people start looking for free data recovery software online and try to recover data through it. What they don’t know is that it won’t fix their issues but will only end up making it extremely complex. It is also possible that along with data loss, your problems just end up multiplying a lot. Trying out recovery with such software might not help you get your data back, but it might cause further damage to the hard drive, making the data on it unrecoverable.
  2. It’s impossible to recover data from reformatted hard drive: Most people have this wrong believe that data cannot be recovered from a hard disk drive, which is reformatted. Here’s nothing like that. We can say it difficult, but not impossible. So, rather than frowning on the data loss on the reformatted hard disk, you should better reach out to the experts at laptop hard disk recovery service in Singapore, who are experienced enough to deal with such cases and will provide you the data back in no time.
  3. Data recovery is expensive: Believing that data recovery is expensive; people keep on trying to find an alternative like data recovery software, which just ends up destroying the situation more. The truth is that there are trusted affordable services that make data recovery easier, without taking much time and money of yours. iDevice is one such service that handles the situation of data loss highly efficiently, and with the best knowledge and skills, they retrieve the complete data, charging only genuinely. The service simply breaks the myths and stereotype of expensive recovery services and offer affordable recovery services to bring the essential information back, that too, without taking much time.
  4. Running the data recovery software is the next thing when you detect data loss: There are people who believe that when the data loss is detected, the next thing they should do is try to recover it through any online data recovery software. But that’s a false statement. It has been found out that when you detect the data loss, the first thing you’ll do is shut down the laptop. Any further activity on the laptop after data loss might end up overwriting the files which are vanished. The overwriting of the files would then make data recovery impossible. So, simply shut down the laptop when you detect the data loss. Avoiding any further activity on the laptop could save the data from being overwritten, thus saving the odds of data retrieval by the experts.
  5. The freezer myth: This is one of the most shocking and weird myths. There’s a misconception that keeping the dead hard drive in the freezer will get it working again and will save all the data on it. The truth is this trick is completely false, and rather than bringing any data back, it will simply end up causing more troubles, which will make the data recovery nearly impossible. Going for this trick will damage your data on the drive forever. So, instead of falling for such a myth, instantly reach out to the laptop data recovery service and get all of the lost data recovered.

Data loss can be disappointing and could even bring a stressful situation when you recognize that the files lost were of the great importance of were highly sensitive ones. But panicking and going for the data recovery myths isn’t an option for you. Instead, be sure of reaching out to the recovery experts who ensure you complete data recovery as soon as possible, that too, at affordable prices.


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