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A Step By Step Guide On Recovering Data From Undetected Seagate Hard Drive


There are a plethora of reasons that can cause damage to your Seagate hard drive. Perhaps you have accidentally deleted complete date from your hard drive. Now, you want to recover your date from the drive? Keep reading to the end to find the right strategy and method and to get complete recovery.

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Seagate is one of the top suppliers of the high-quality hard drive across the globe for ages. To begin with, the user got their hands on 5.25-inch HDD and another one 5-megabyte ST-506 back in the 1980s. The fact is that when it was first developed – the hard disk was approximately 5.25 inches. Being the dominant supplier in the microcomputer market during those years- today, the company has touched many achievement and milestone. In many countries and place- Seagate dominate the market of HDD. Despite high-quality and top-notch reliability, there is always a probability of hard drive going corrupt. Now, this is not only with Seagate hard drive but all types of hard drives. It is common than you think! The Seagate drives go corrupt without warning. And, in such a situation, the best way out is to get professional Seagate Data Recovery In Singapore. 

First let’s get to the dos and don’ts of using a hard drive:-


So to be able to recover data from your corrupt hard drive effectively- you will need to take some standard preventive measures:-

  1. First things first: You should seek an immediate step while facing hard drive damage. It is highly recommended to stop using hard drive until the exact reason for failure is known. The idea behind this – using carefully drive during hard drive failure can cause irreversible damage to the trip.
  2. Secondly: Check your hard drive for malware, viruses, and other malicious codes which could replicate might cause more loss to your hard drive.


Now to be successful in the date recovery – you should avoid the following: –

  1. Do not use the hard drive
  2. Do not try DIY on your hard drive
  3. Do not download an unknown recovery software
  4. Do not swap the internal circuits
  5. Do not try to format the hard disk drives

Here! The possibilities of Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

So, during the loss of complete data from your Seagate hard drive – there could be a plethora of reasons that might have caused it. No, matter how your data got corrupted –there is a possibility of data retrieval. As discussed earlier, the Seagate Data Recovery In Singapore offers one of the high-end assistance and service, which will help you to get the data recovery in any circumstances. So no matter whether you are facing data deletion formatted external hard drive or any other logical error on the hard drive. In case, you would be using a data recovery software then follow the below-mentioned steps: –

The Steps:

  1. First, install and then run the hard drive recovery software
  2. Then you can select from a different type of recovery options
  3. Next, after selecting the drive, you choose to begin with the recovery process
  4. You can also choose to scan the files before performing a recovery.
  5. You can save the recovery file in a folder for later use.
  6. Make sure to choose a safe location to save your file for future usage

The external hard drive can be useful in millions of ways; for example, they can help you to keep a variety of media, video, audio, photos, and other documents. Also, you can easily carry data from point A to Point B with 100% security. This is because the hard drive comes with a locking mechanism. You can use a hard drive for years and years. In case you face any issue with the hard drive, then you can choose Seagate Data Recovery and get the problems resolved.

The Seagate hard drives are reliable, and they are commonly used. So, in case your computer is not able to detect a Seagate external hard drive then there could be following reasons behind it:-

  1. Damage/Bad Port: One of the most common reasons why people face challenges with their drive is that the laptop or computer port stops working. This means that your Seagate drive will not get detected by your laptop or computer.
  2. Infections and Virus: There is some virus that can completely shut – down your hard drive while others can do damage to particular data. One of the reasons why your computer is not able to detect your hard drive could be a virus infection.
  3. Data Corruption: Yes! Sudden power outage or power surge during data-transfer can cause data corruptions.
  4. Physical Damage: Last but not the least; physical damage is the most examples due to which your computer cannot recognize your hard drive anymore.

The aforementioned example is just a few common ones- there could be more reasons which are why you are not able to connect your computer to your external hard drive.

DIY Fixing the Undetected Seagate External Hard Drive

Here is some of the standard solution for fixing Seagate External Hard Drive:-

  1. Different USB Port: You can choose the different port to use the external hard drive. This is the first and most easy way out.
  2. Reinstall The Driver: Next, you can choose to reinstall the drivers. By uninstalling and reinstalling the drive, you can quickly fix the issues.
  3. Show Hidden Devices: Yes! There is an option to enable the “show hidden devices,” which helps you to make hidden files visible.
  4. Turn on USB Root Hub: Using start>run> device manager, you can locate USB root hub and uncheck the option that says “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”
  5. Lastly, restart the computer.

In case, everything fails to work and even DIY to not work for you, then it is highly recommended to go for Seagate Data Recovery done by professionals. The expert can solve your problem quickly, and you don’t have to go through any hassles by yourself.

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