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Seagate Data Recovery Services Singapore

Secure Seagate Data Recovery Services Thoroughly Explained


People nowadays have gone advanced and prefer to keep all their information on portable hard disk drives. In this context, the Seagate hard disk drives are getting exceptionally famous these days. Though Seagate drives are considered advanced and better than the traditional hard disk drives, still we can’t state that these are completely safe from data loss.

Despite all the care and maintenance, there are specific reasons that might end up causing the failure of Seagate hard disk drive or data loss on it. It is when you need to begin your search for Secure Seagate Data Recovery Services on which you can count.

Possible causes of failure and data loss of Seagate hard disk drives

Though with the advancement in technologies, the Seagate hard disk drives keep getting better; still there are times when people start seeking services for Seagate Data Recovery in Singapore. This is because there are several reasons which are responsible for the failure and data loss in the Seagate hard disk drives. Though this can happen to anyone but to prevent such occurrences, you must know the possible causes of the data loss. You might encounter data loss due to any of the following reasons. Thus you need to be fully prepared for what’s coming next. Here are some of the reasons which are counted among the possible causes of Seagate data loss:

  •  Virus or malware attack: If your system is not shielded by a good antivirus, there’s a lot of probability that you will face the issue of corrupted data or data loss while working on your Seagate hard disk drive. The virus or the malware is the system could be the cause of deleting your data on the drive, overwriting it, or even making it inaccessible. This makes it highly important to be assured that your system is secured by the quality antivirus software.
  • Corrupt files on the drive: You would never know that the files on your Seagate drive might get corrupted and you won’t be able to find or access the files when you need it. This situation can be more threatening when the files you lost are some important or sensitive information to you. Hard disk recovery services will be your only call at that time.
  •  Human error: There can be another situation when the data on the drive might have been deleted by you accidentally. Though, you didn’t want that to happen still you can’t take back the time and fix this mistake. All you need is to rely on the recovery services.
  • Power surge or power failure: The sudden power surge and power failure can be another reason that can cause data loss. Sudden occurring power surges or a power failure might be a reason to damage the delicate components of the hard disk drive, and this would ultimately lead to data loss.
  •  Overheating: The overheating of the hard disk drive can end up melting away the components and elements in the Seagate hard drive that would harm the information on it, for which you’ll need the Seagate data recovery.
  • Water damage: Another critical damage that can be caused to the hard disk drive is the water damage. Any spills of fluid on the Seagate hard drive can damage the drive and also end up corrupting the files stored on it. All of these are the possible causes of data loss on the Seagate hard disk drive. Thus, you need to be conscious about protecting your drive from these issues to save your data on it. But still, if your drive gets damaged, you need to seek the right data recovery service that could help you the best. But always remember that while starting your search, you should be aware of the dos and don’ts of successful data recovery from the hard disk drive.Seagate Hard Disk Recovery

Dos and don’ts for successful and secure Seagate data recovery

To be efficaciously able to recover your data from the damaged Seagate disk drive, you should be able to take certain preventive measure and should be aware of the dos and don’ts associated with it.


  • Always remember that when you encounter certain issues with your Seagate hard disk drive and find the data is not available or inaccessible, make sure to stop using it immediately. Stopping working on it will avoid the situation of overwriting of the data on the hard disk drive, which can cause permanent damage to the data you lost on it. Thus, you need to stop using that drive so that you can prevent any further damage to the drive.
  • Next, you need to check for the malware, viruses, and malicious codes on the hard drive, which might end up replicating and could cause further damage.


  • When you encounter the data loss, don’t fall for the misconceptions like placing the hard disk drive in the freezer. It can cause more damage, making data retrieval irreversible.
  • Make sure you prevent to open the hard disk drive if you don’t have a proper understanding about it. You must not cause any further damage to the drive.
  • Don’t swap the electronic components.
  • Do not format the Seagate hard disk drive.


Methods to restore files from Seagate hard disk drive

No wonder data loss from the Seagate hard disk drive could be disastrous, but necessary steps could be taken to retrieve the data back. Here are some of the methods which are common among people to retrieving the data back:

Seagate Rescue Service: In case you are using Seagate Backup Plus hard drive which is still under warranty, you might have the complimentary Seagate Rescue Plan. You need to check the warranty card for your Seagate hard drive. If it is open for you, the Seagate will help in recovering your lost media and data files.

Recovery software: Some people also download free data recovery software available online to recover the data. But this option is not recommendable as it doesn’t end up recovering the complete data and using it might also eliminate the chances of getting the complete data retrieved.

Reach out to data recovery services: This is a reliable attempt to make for data recovery from your Seagate drive. Make sure you look out for different services, research the Seagate hard drive recovery cost, and then choose the service you want to go with. Moreover, you must choose a service which is experienced enough in dealing with such data loss issues and have good customer reviews about it.

Perform CHKDSK: In case, your computer is detecting the Seagate hard disk drive, you can begin your attempt by performing the CHKDSK scan. Running CHKDSK in Command Prompt allows the Windows to scan the issues, fix it and recover the files from the hard disk drive. Performing this scan could prove to be helpful to you to fix the issues on your end.

The data loss troubles in the Seagate hard disk drives could occur anytime, all you have to do is to make sure you don’t end up taking a wrong step that could increase the issues and focus on fixing it by reaching out to the best Seagate data recovery services.

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