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Hitachi Data Recovery Singapore

Dealing With Hitachi Data Recovery from an Encrypted Corrupted Removable Media


Hitachi Global Storage Technology is a very popular subsidiary of Western Digital (WD) which is very much in recognition for manufacturing one of the most reliable internal and external hard drives in the world. Although the Hitachi drives are known for its exceptional quality and low failure rates that doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe from any kind of failure.

Even though we call Hitachi hard disk drive to be safe from most of the errors and issues but still we cannot state that it will never break down. There can be certain situations in which your Hitachi hard disk drive would end up showing some mechanical or logical corruption which no brand can withstand. But there can also be situations in which you might encounter the logical errors like “drive is not detected” or “not readable,” but still that doesn’t mean that your hard disk drive is failed.

Not only this, but sometimes a system may prompt you for formatting the drive when you connect any Hitachi drive which is logically damaged. But still, make sure you never click on the format option as there would be some essential and crucial data on your drive. In such situations, your first call would be to reach out the best data recovery services in Singapore to make sure that all the data can be safely recovered back.

But before that, you should certainly know how you might get caught up in the problem of damaged Hitachi drive and what the best ways to save yourself from it are.

Hitachi Data Recovery Singapore

Common Reasons & Mistakes That Could Lead To Corruption of the Drive

There’s nothing like all if you have a Hitachi drive, it will definitely end up getting corrupted. Instead, there are certain reasons and mistakes that we end up doing without even knowing about it. So, here are the common situations that might end up corrupting your data:

  1. Virus or malware infection: It is always considered important to install the antivirus on the system, considering the importance of saving the system and the data on it from the attack of virus which might end up in deleting all the essential files and documents on the system and this is something that you would never wish to happen. Thus, viruses can even prove to be a reason that could end up damaging all the files stored in your Hitachi drive, and thus, it becomes highly necessary to save the data from any such issue.
  2. Bad sectors: In hard drives, the storage is divided into different sectors, and this is how the data is stored in it. Sometimes there come situations in which the different sectors in the drive get corrupted and hence the complete pattern of data stored on it gets completely damaged. The damaged sectors on the drive are known as the bad sectors. The Hitachi drive with bad sectors required to be handled by timely detecting it and saving your data on it. The data which is stored in the bad sectors usually ends up getting deleted, and you would definitely not wish for your files on the disk to be deleted.
  3. Unplugging drive without ejection: Sometimes, people can become very careless with their Hitachi drives that they simply unplug it from the system without ejecting it. This is something that could end up corrupting the drive by the human mistake. This is something which is must to be taken care of in order to make sure to save the files from corrupting.
  4. Unexpected power failure: There can be cases when you might not have done anything wrong; still, the situation turns in the wrong direction. In case of unexpected power failures, when your Hitachi hard drive is connected to the system, it might simply end up damaging the drive, and ultimately it could completely threaten the data on it. This is a reason which makes it highly necessary to use a UPS with the system, that would save the Hitachi drive from damage due to the cases like unexpected power failures.
  5. File system errors: You might even encounter issues with your hard disk drive caused due to the file system errors. This could end up corrupting any external device connected to the system, which will ultimately damage the corrupted drive and the data on it.

Though there can be numerous reasons that could cause the damage or loss of the data on the Hitachi drives, thankfully there are still some ways through which you can ensure that the data on the drive remains safe.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Singapore

Possible ways to ensure data safety on Hitachi drive

Even you get stuck with a situation of a corrupted Hitachi hard disk drive; you can still find a way out of it. It is in such situations that you have to make sure that you don’t start panicking and simply handle the situation in the best possible way to make sure the data on the drive remains safe. Here are some of the ways that could prove to be helpful.

  • Recovery software (not as such recommended): If you start your online hunt, you’ll find that there are numerous recovery software present online that could help you a lot in dealing with the data loss trouble. The recovery software could assist you in recovering the lost data. But that doesn’t mean that there’s any surety that all the data will be safely recovered. Usually, with the recovery software, only some of the data is recovered, but it then ends up the possibility of safely extracting the rest of the data.
  • Data recovery services: That’s quite a reliable means to recover the data from the corrupted Hitachi drive. The professionals have experienced in the Hitachi data recovery knows the reliable means through which the data can be safely recovered. Such services won’t cause any threat to your data and will safely ensure the complete data recovery without any compromise. This is how you can be ensured that your essential data is handled by the right professionals.

No wonder, anyone won’t even wish to face any issue of data loss on their hard disk. Thus, it is possible to take the necessary steps to ensure data safety on the hard disk drives. Even in case, you encounter the data loss on the drive, make sure to reach out to the services of data recovery in Singapore, and the professionals there will handle all your troubles in no time, safely recovering all the data back.