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Data Recovery Services In Singapore

Want To Keep Your Hard Drive From Failing? Know How It’s Done!


A hard drive is no less than a need for those who dedicate more time on gadgets and are indulged into saving digital media and sharing it. Not just for personal use, but we can call the hard disk drive to be a necessity in the professional sector that allows numerous companies to maintain the record of all their data and essential files. With all the important files stored in the hard disks, the businesses always stay alert of the ways through which they can extend the lives of the hard disk or prevent them from any failure.

Whether personal or professional, we would never want our data on the hard drive to be compromised for any reason and for that it’s essential to seek ways through you can keep your hard disk from failing, ultimately keeping your data on the drive secured. That data you have on your hard disk drive could be anything like confidential business files or your personal data, but what’s important is how you can ensure that it is safely stored on your hard disk. Though you can find the best data recovery services in Singapore, your first attempt should always be to seek ways through which you don’t have to go to the recovery services in the first place. Here are some of the tips that will help you keep your hard disk drive in good health, keeping it safe from failing.

Data Recovery Services In Singapore


Hard disks, in the long run, are going to show you some errors. These errors can come in the state of physical issues, programming issues, and the sky is the limit from there. The Windows chkdsk program will endeavor to deal with any issues, for example, bad sectors, lost groups, cross-connected files, as well as directory errors. These errors can rapidly prompt an unbootable drive, which will prompt downtime for the end-user. With this command, you can simply check the drive, and it will be informing you if the disk is locked and if you’ll prefer to run the chkdsk command when the system restarts again. In this situation, if you want to allow this action, proceed by selecting Y.

Defragment The Drive

A fragmented drive is a drive being pushed to work more enthusiastically than it should. Every hard drive ought to be utilized in their most productive states to keep away from abundance mileage. This incorporates defragmenting. To take no chances, set your PC(s) to automatically defrag on a weekly schedule. This attempts to expand the life of your drive by keeping the file structure more compact, so the read heads are not moving to such an extent or as frequently.

Keep The System Safe From Static Electricity

The computer devices are highly sensitive to static electricity. Thus, before plugging in your system, you need to make sure that the power socket is properly grounded so that it could be safe from any static shock that could end up frying your computer peripherals, even your hard disk that would be containing numerous important files and documents. Definitely, you can’t control the flow of electricity, but what you can do is take necessary actions and connect the system to only the socket which is properly grounded. That’s now you can stay particular about keeping your system and the data on the hard disk drive safe from the threat of static electricity.

Recover Data From Crashed Hard Disk

Prefer Solid State Drive

Solid state drives can be considered to be quite similar to the bigger flash drives, so they have no moving parts. Without moving parts, the life of the drive (in general) is normally going to be longer than it would if the drive included read heads, platters, and course. In spite of the fact that these drives will cost more direct, they will set aside your cash over the long haul by offering a more drawn out life expectancy. That implies less probability of drive failure, which will cause downtime as information is recovered and moved.

Keep The Operating System Updated

Keeping your system up to date with the latest operating system will make you ensured that you have all the critical updates that could make your system run better. The updated operating system even minimizes the chances of hard disk failures. Usually, the hard disk issues come up when the operating system is way too old, and the drives fail to be compatible with it. In such cases, there are strong chances that you drive will end up failing. Thus, updating your operating system is important to maintain proper functioning of the hard disk drive and save your data on it.

Clean In And Around The System

When it comes to computer hardware, it is very much important to follow certain factors to make sure that their lifetime is longer than the expected lifetime. For doing so, you need to keep maintaining proper airflow that would prevent the system from overheating and should also look for ways through which you can keep the system free from bust and debris. Even the tiny dust particles can be a reason for damaging the hard disk drive. Keeping checking the airflow of your CPU regularly and keep the system clean so that no debris seeps in and could affect the functioning of the system. Saving your system from damage can prove to be helpful to keep your data in the hard drive safe.

Save Your System From Power Surges

Electricity is not always constant. It is possible that you might encounter a time when the voltage spikes can go above the normal level and create surges. Though it can even be for a few nanoseconds but has the tendency to damage the system and the hard disk drive. Clearly speaking, the electrical surges can fry your hard drive and can completely destroy your data on it. This makes it vital to use a surge protector that will allow you to detect the surges of electricity and divert it away from your system. Make sure you invest in a good surge protector that would ensure the safety of your system.

With all of these methods, you can take a step ahead ensuring the safety of your data on the hard disk drives. But don’t expect that the battery life of the hard disk will get doubled. You can extend the lifetime of your hard disk drive a bit, but after then you have to consider changing the drive.

Despite doing everything, if still, you witness data loss, then it’s better to seek help from the recovery services. Whether your need is for Hitachi or Raid data recovery services in Singapore, you just have to find an expert service, which is good with providing recovery services for all types of hard disk drives.

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