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iPhone Data Recovery Without Backup

Know How to Restore All the Data on Your iPhone


When it comes to the reliability, no other mobile phone brand can beat the iPhone. These are pretty trustworthy devices in case of both the hardware and software. Though, from time to time, they are in the need to reboot and restoration, but that’s it. But, still you should know how to restore iPhone data in Singapore so that you don’t have to suffer any kind of data loss at the time of purchase of a new phone and transferring the data. And that is what this post is all about; we are going to discuss about the how to restore the data and what exactly the term resetting means in terms of iPhone. So, let’s get started.

Know The Difference Between Resetting and Restoring the iPhone?

Are you facing some kinds of problems with your iPhone, then, according to the experts, it is better to go for resetting the phone. Following are some of the situations where you can reset your iPhone:

  • If the device has stopped working or isn’t working the way it used to function earlier
  • If you can’t tap on the icons and they have become unresponsive
  • If you want to sell off your iPhone

This can be easily done through the Menu option of the phone. But, before the resetting, ensure that you have removed all the personal and important data from the phone and as well as from the apps. After going for the resetting option, your iPhone would be back in the factory mode, but don’t try to remove the iOS software and the pre installed apps that were already there when you purchased the phone.

On the other hand, when you choose to go for restoring the iPhone, it removes all the data along with the settings from the iPhone. Moreover, unlike the resetting, it also reinstalls the operating system of the iPhone and installs the latest version of the iOS that is available in the market.

Restore Backup or Restore iPhone?

In case you are facing issues with your iPhone, it is better to restore the iPhone. But before that ensure that the data is saved and you have a proper backup of all the data. Now, let us understand the difference between restoring the iPhone and restoring the backup.

  • When you restore your iPhone, a new version of iOS available in the market is installed and everything else gets deleted from your phone.
  • When you think about restoring any backup file, all the data present on the phone is deleted and is replaced with the data that you took the backup of in the past. You can choose the backup either from the iCloud or iTunes for the files. Both the processes are same and it is advised to complete one backup process and then, start the other one.

With that being said, in case you haven’t taken any backup of the stored data, you can always avail the services of iPhone data recovery without backup from the professionals of i Device. So what are you waiting for? Bring your iPhone to us and we would provide you the ultimate experience.

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